Latimer Trend & Co.

Client: Latimer Trend & Co.
Location: Estover, Plymouth
Work Done: New MCCB Panel Board & Supply to Printing Machine

The project involved installing an 800amp 3 phase and neutral supply to a new MCCB panel board that has been located on the wall in the Mains Room adjacent the main incoming panel.

400mm TQ cables have been installed from the Main Panel board to the new MCCB panel board complete with a 240mm CPC and protected via a 800amp MCCB.

The main reason for installing a new MCCB panel board was to supply a new Printing machine in main area of the factory, JMC installed a 180mm 4core LSF SWA to the new printing machine. The SWA cable has been supported to the wall with metal cleats and ladder tray was also installed to brace from the wall to the printing machine.

The project was completed on time and to budget.



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