Woodfield Primary School, Plymouth

Client: Harrisons Builders Ltd
Location: Woodfield Primary School, Plymouth
Work Done: Refurbishment to Toilets, Various Study Rooms & Nursery Area

The project involved refurbishment to the toilets, various study rooms and the nursery area.

Electrical – Boys, Girls & Unisex Toilets

New dextra lighting has been installed to the refurbished toilets, they are controlled via PIR microwave sensors. Dyson air blade hand dryers, Myson electric radiators and Heat recovery ventilations units have also been installed to all toilets. All electrical wiring was contained in PVC 20mm white conduit.

Electrical – Study Rooms

New dextra lighting has been installed to all new study areas, they are controlled via absence sensors. Dimplex Duoheat electric panel heaters have also been installed to each room. 3 compartment dado trunking has been installed throughout the study rooms to provide wiring containment for socket outlets and data points.

Electrical – Nursery Area

Various Sockets outlets and light switches have been repositioned for the reconfiguration and internal walls. Existing lighting has also been reconfigured so the lighting is now controlled via absence and presence sensors. Access control has also been installed to the internal door between the Nursery and primary school.

Mechanical – Boys, Girls & Unisex Toilets

All existing pipe work was removed to allow for new layout of the toilets and sinks. JMC installed new Sinks, Toilets and urinal (Boys toilet) complete with pipe 28mm copper pipe work. Two water heaters have also been installed to allow hot water to toilet sinks

Mechanical – Study Rooms & Nursery Area

Redundant pipe work has been removed and capped off to allow the reconfiguration of internal walls.

The project was completed on time and to budget.


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