Installation Of Welder Supplies

Client: Rittal CSM Ltd
Location: Plymouth
Work Done: Install supplies for welders

Electrical installation involving installing 2 in number 95mm 4core LSF SWA cables that run from the electrical intake room to the new 400amp Eaton MCCB panel board, the cable run is 110 metres with most of the cable contained at high level.

JMC hired scissor lifts and boom lifts so the engineers could safety gain the correct height to install the cables (all JMC staff hold IPAF cards).

Once the main supply cables and MCCB panel had been installed, siFramo beam frame work was installed to support the 150mm ladder tray. The new ladder tray was installed for containment for the outgoing supply cables that feeds the new welders.

16mm 4core LSF SWA cables were then installed from the MCCB panel onto the new ladder tray and into the welders.

On completion tested MCCB panel and outgoing supplies and issued an NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate.

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